5zigen Inperio RS-1 18 inch


Despite the German phonetics of the name, the company 5ZIGEN was founded in Japan back in 1987.
Having started with the wholesale trade of spare parts, the Japanese quickly realized that the classic formula “today you win a race, tomorrow you sell your products” is very much alive, and they organized a racing team. The main focus of our own production was initially exhaust systems, and then light alloy wheels.

By the turn of the millennium, the Japanese had already opened a couple of new factories and were involved in several racing series, including Formula Nippon and the Japanese touring car championship JTCC.
Well, the beginning of the two thousandth was marked by the opening of the American division of 5ZIGEN USA INC. in Los Angeles in 2002. It is not surprising that NFS: Underground, released in 2003, became another promotional platform for a Japanese company that had ambitious plans for business development.

The American dream, however, did not come true for the Japanese: in 2013, the division in the United States was declared bankrupt, having existed for just over 10 years. But this did not affect the business as a whole: 5Zigen continued to work as a manufacturer of mufflers and rims, and at the same time expanded the range with small things like spacers, oil traps, ECUs, etc., and also developed a line of “merch” – T-shirts, baseball caps, spare tire covers, stripes and so on. So owners of Japanese cars can still get a muffler with “that” logo and back it up with a corresponding sticker on the fender or rear window.

5Zigen is well known not only in Japan, but also abroad. This company is actively transferring the latest technologies from motorsports (for example, from the popular Formula Nippon series and circuit racing) into the production of tuning components for “street” use.

We bring to your attention the large-scale 18-inch models of this company. 5zigen Inperio RS-1, an excellent and not hackneyed option for your models!

The width of all disks is 13mm, nuts are separately for ease of painting, tires are included.
Pin fixing, for tamia, hasegawa and analogues.

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