Cartoon Nissan Silvia S13 “FR Style”


Model length 120mm

Cartoon model of the Nissan Silvia S13 in the style of FR LEGENDS game.

A meticulously recreated game model brought to reality! You can put your own car on the table, just like the one you have in the game.

Model features:

-Cast rubber tires. They are exactly cast, it is a real rubber as in real cars.

-Perfectly transparent interior glass and optics elements molded from plastic. They will not yellow over time, it is not a seal.

-Detalized bottom (will be used on all models of this line in the future) Even the track and exhaust separately.

-Detailed interior with simulated bare metal on the door cards and the shelf at the rear window. (will be used on all models of this lineup in the future)

-Cut masks for imitation silk-screening will be included. You will only need to carefully glue and color.

-Chrome film to simulate rearview mirrors will be included. It will give a realistic shine of mirrors and simplify the coloring of these elements. The SILVIA inscription is given as a bonus.

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